bathroom design: having a good plan

We've designed some bathrooms this month. Here are some tips on creating your new bathroom...

Firstly, use a great, experienced design studio, like us! We will take your wishlist and help you see what will fit and what works in terms of aesthetics and practicality, whether it's a small or large bathroom and whether it's purely functional or luxurious.

A good designer can design to all tastes and budgets. We will come and measure up your space and take your brief (on zoom if easier) or at your home, it's good to see the space and talk through any issues or problems your current bathroom has and what you are hoping for in your newly designed one.

  • Set your budget and timescale - what are you comfortable spending and ideally, when would you like it installed by? We are all finding supply chain issues right now so your designer will be able to explain what's reasonable in both spend and timescale, depending on your budget.

  • Are you wanting to move your toilet or bath? There may be restrictions to this for water and waste and again, your designer can advise on layout and best use of the space available.

  • what styles do you like and don't like? We can give you inspiration, based on your brief, with a moodboard, so we can finalise out the chosen design.

  • use experienced and recommended tradespeople. Studio Speck use approved contractors with a proven record or large and small projects. You can also use our services for design only if you have your own builder or tradesperson or need a plan and design to shop around.

  • use appropriate flooring. Your flooring needs to withstand a wet environment and there is lots of choice for this. It can be overwhelming, but that's where a designer comes in handy. We can see what looks good and is practical, depending on whether you have underfloor heating or not. We can provide samples and talk you through everything.

  • Spend on the big ticket items - bath, shower, toilet and vanity. Here is where your money can be spent wisely. It's no good having a fabulous floor if the bath does not tie in aesthetically or the shower drips!

  • Think about paint - it will need to work in a wet and damp environment, not all paints are suitable for bathrooms.

  • Towels can sometimes be an afterthought but patterns and texture all add to the overall look and feel of your new room.

  • Accessories - taps, toiletries - they can all effect your overall look so choose carefully.

  • Enjoy your new bathroom. This could well be your sanctuary or hiding space away from a busy household, design it well and it will be!

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